Ten Photos to Shake the World

Recently I joined an environmental photography contest. One of the requirements of the contest is to submit photos which talk about environmental degradation/destruction or showcase wonders of nature. As I was browsing my photos, I realized that my lenses captured more wonders than destruction, however it doesn’t necessarily imply the reality…Maybe?

First Picture

The spider’s web is situated in an unusual angle. The sky highlighted the intricacies of the web as I tried to conceal the details of the concrete wall. The result was a complementary beauty of the sky, spider and the spider’s web.

Second Picture

I was reminded of Huckleberry Finn and Julie of Flipped as I watched this boy in amazement and envy. With my humble camera, I tried my best to capture the serenity and calmness of this boy as he laid comfortable in this generous tree– not knowing that most of the tourist spectators are standing in fear and rattle.

Third Picture

Trekking towards the Mangyan community, some sightings were undeniably odd. When I asked the leader of the mangyans he said these are the hills where “Pastuhan” is commonly done as well as mining. During the early days only mangyan people do pastuhan (conversion of forests to grass lands) and short-scale mining; but now large companies and rich families are taking over the area.