15 Things about SINGAPORE

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It was my first ever international flight. Singapore— the fine city of Asia became my first stop. I would like to discuss here 15 things I have observed in my 4 nights and 3 days stay in Singapore.

Note: All of the information discussed here is just from my own observation and perspective. Some people might have a different view/observation/feedback.

1. Discipline

I was impressed on how people were really disciplined in Singapore. There were no trashes in the ground, no cigarette butts everywhere, no vagrants, no beggars, policemen are not visible, no bomb-sniffing dogs in the shopping malls, not so many security guards (I only saw one during my 4days stay),no traffic and no pollution. I was asking why and my friend who is working there for 3 years said that maybe it is because of the FINES and the SECURITY CAMERAS everywhere. Well excellent implementation will be one, I guess.

2. Modern trains

Even if I know that there are different kinds of trains in the world, the awesomeness of just hearing or reading about them cannot match the actual experience. And yes there are different kinds of trains in Singapore. It is not crowded even during rush hours (comparing to trains in Manila).

3. Cityscapes

I cannot forget how breathtaking the cityscapes view are, standing from the Esplanade. Esplanade Theatres on the Bay is a waterside building located on six hectares of waterfront land alongside Marina Bay near the mouth of the Singapore River, purpose-built to be the centre for performing arts for the island nation of Singapore. (YourSingapore.com)

4. Clean surroundings

Singapore is a country with clean air, clean streets and clean residences. What more can I say?:D

5. Safe

Though I haven’t witnessed or experienced hard core crimes,it is remarkably observable that it is safe in Singapore even if I walk alone at night. I began to think that policemen in Singapore were omnipresent and omnicient because they are not visible yet peace and order in SG is really fascinating and impressive.

6. Multi-cultural

Considering that Singapore has a total land area of 700 km² and 193 km of coastline. Singapore is slightly more than 3.5 times the size of Washington DC. Of Singapore’s dozens of smaller islands, Jurong Island, Pulau Tekong, Pulau Ubin and Sentosa are the larger ones. (Singapore Portal). Despite this land area you can find diverse race and languages. During my stay there I was surprised to find different races like Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Chinese, American, British, Filipino, Korean, Japanese and a lot more.

7. Expensive and Bigger Food Serving

I was really overwhelmed by the food prices in Singapore. It is approximately three times more expensive than the Philippines. I was surprised but not so surprised at all; since I have a clue already how different and developed Singapore is. I had mixed emotions though about the food serving.I was overwhelmed that food serving is bigger than usual (compared to the Philippines); it is as if two to three women can share in a single serving. I felt excited and delighted since main course’s serving in the Philippines is smaller than my appetite; but I felt bad that I always have leftover in almost all of the restaurants I visited in Singapore.

8. Weird Smell

I hope I will not offend anyone, but for the purpose of just stating my observation, I guess even though trains in Singapore are not so dense and crowded I can usually smell something weird. If I will stay in Singapore for one year maybe I can get used to it, but I really have to bring some ointment to save me from hyperacidity.

9. Working Grandpas and Grandmas

Since the death of my grandpa and grandma I missed them everyday of my life. When I arrived at SG I saw many old people working, so I missed grandpa and grandma even more. I just can’t understand why they are still working given their age. I can usually see them in the food courts as service crews and in the streets distributing newspapers. Why are they still working?

10. Free newspaper

This is one thing that I love about SG. Free newspaper! I can still remember the time when I was a highschool student and we are required to buy newspaper every monday. Given my allowance, it was really heartbreaking to buy newspaper during that time. haha

11. Universal Studios

I love amusement parks! Even though Universal Studios is five times more expensive than the usual amusement park in the Philippines, I don’t care anymore. The rides and shows were really excellent. Most of all I love the roller coaster!

12. Great Sceneries and Tourist Attractions

When I arrived at Changgi Airport, I instantly grabbed a copy of SG’s maps and guide books. I was frustrated to know that even though SG is not so big 3 days will not be enough for me to explore the beauty of Singapore. If I can go back in the future I will definitely visit Jurong Bird’s Paradise, Night safari and some of the extreme sports there!

13. Free white sand beach

Though Philippines is considered to have some of the most magnificent beaches in the world, not all beaches in the Philippines are for free especially white sand beach. I heard Palawan beach in Sentosa Island is a man-made white sand beach, and it is definitely gorgeous. And what’s more? It’s for free!

14. BMW and Mercedes Benz Taxi

Maybe in almost all countries taxi fare is definitely expensive, well three to four times more expensive I think in Singapore (compared to Philippines). I was really amazed to find out and experience riding taxis in SG— Mercedes Benz and BMW Taxis. Woaw! How about that? I heard in European countries Mercedes and BMWs are used as taxis, so SG might be the first Asian country to have taxis like those. Eh?

15. World-Class Changi Airport

I feel very fortunate to have landed in Changi Airport. Considering that this is my first international flight, I felt really impressed with the overall facilities, customer service and innovative culture of Changi airport. No doubt it was included in the 2008 release of survey results for the World’s Best Airport by Skytrax. Singapore’s
Changi Airport retained a firm position at the top end of the rankings.(Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore,Wong,P.&Cha,V.The Case of Singapore’s Changi Airport.Executive Summary Report 2008. 

Through the use of my humble camera and my friend’s Nikon DSLR I had the opportunity to capture the beauty of Singapore. Please feel free to browse the pictures!


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